About us

Ports Environmental Network Africa (PENAf) is a transnational-oriented organisation with interest in innovating inclusive interactive arrangements among state, private and societal actors and institutions from sub-national, national, regional and international levels towards the sustainable development of African Ports.


Our vision is to build a coordinated platform for African ports to network and cooperate in the area of environmental sustainability through knowledge, information, experience and best practice sharing and exchange, with the aim of improving and harmonising environmental and sustainability policies, practices and management.


PENAf’s mission is to form environmental sustainability networks of Port Authorities and related stakeholders in each of Africa’s three maritime regions (West and Central Africa, Eastern and Southern Africa, and Northern Africa), to serve as platforms to stimulate interactive discussions and exchange and also establish collaborative partnerships with international ports and institutions in international networks.


Raise environmental and sustainability awareness among African ports;

Support the building of environmental sustainability capacity and governance for African ports with prospects for high quality service delivery towards their sustainable growth;

Promote port environmental sustainability cooperation (local, regional and international) through knowledge, information, best practice and experience sharing and exchange for the sustainable development of African ports;

Facilitate, coordinate and support concrete collaborative projects on the adoption and development of innovative environmental and sustainability interventions and approaches in African ports;

Engage in scientific research on African ports and the environmental and sustainability nexus;

Facilitate and support the integration of environmental and sustainability considerations into the overall planning, policy making and operational practices of African ports;
Support African ports to overcome their institutional differences and increase collaboration to advance the harmonization of environmental sustainability policies and practices;

Promote transparency in communicating and reporting on port environmental sustainability efforts and performance;