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  • African Ports Voluntarily Committing to Improving Their Sustainability Futures
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  • GreenPort | West and Central African ports address the need for environmental management
    Publication date: November 16, 2009
    Publication description – Harry Barnes-Dabban, Corporate Estates & Environment Manager for Ghana Ports & Harbours Authority, highlights the need for WACAF to prioritise their environmental challenges or risk becoming a dumping ground
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  • Biodiversity Threats Assessment for the Western Region of Ghana
    Integrated Coastal and Fisheries Governance Initiative for the Western Region of Ghana
    Publication date: April 2010
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  • The Influence of the Regional Coordinating Unit of the Abidjan Convention: Implementing Environmental Agreement to Prevent Shipping Pollution Prevention in West and Central Africa
    Publication date: May 3, 2018 publication description – International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics
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  • Environmental reform of West and Central Africa ports: the influence of colonial legacies
    Publication date: Mar 8, 2017 publication description – Maritime Policy and Management 44(5): 565-583
    Publication description – West and Central Africa ports have historically not paid much attention to environmental issues. In the past decade, however, environmental concerns are beginning to emerge with pockets of innovative responses to environmental risks as the ports undergo institutional and infrastructural reform.
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  • Institutionalizing environmental reform with sense-making: West and Central Africa ports and the ‘green port’ phenomenon
    Publication date: 2017 publication description – Marine Policy 86: 111-120
    Publication description – Harmonizing economic activities with environmental considerations has emerged as a new globalizing phenomenon for ports. The phenomenon is labelled as ‘green port’. There is however no canonical way of turning green port into business reality. Some advanced ports have adapted it and African ports are also beginning to follow. The Freeport of Monrovia in West and Central Africa had its process of incorporating environmental considerations into its operational practices in an environmental reform labelled as ‘going green’, akin to the green port phenomenon.
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  • A New Spirit in Africa
    Publication date: Mar 2012
    Publication description – Ports & Harbours 57(2): 26-27 (Kokusai Kowan Kyokai: International Association of Ports & Harbours)
    Publication description – African ports forging new links as they face the twin-challenge of economic growth and environmental sustainability.
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  • Managing Air Quality and Green House Gases: The Case for Port Tema, Ghana.
    Publication date: Mar 2010 publication description – GreenPort Journal
  • West and Central African Ports Address Need for Environmental Management
    Publication date: Nov 2009
    Publication description – GreenPort Journal
  • Regional Convergence in Environmental Policy Arrangements: A Transformation Towards Regional Environmental Governance for West and Central African Ports?
    Publication description – Ocean and Coastal Management
    Publication description – Analysing interactions among actors and institutions across multiple levels of governance among multiple states in the regional territorial confine of West and Central Africa on port environmental policy-making
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  • E-waste Imports and Management Practices in Ghana: A ‘Case Study of Accra-Tema Metropolitan Area’
    Publication date: June 2014
    Publication description – like many West African countries has become a recipient of large volumes of used electrical and electronic equipment (UEEE), popularly christened, e-waste. This study was conducted to analyse the flow of UEEE imports into Ghana, how such imports are handled and managed; and further assess the potential environmental and health challenges associated with the current management practices.
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  • Providing Port Reception Facilities in African Ports: A New and Increasing Role for Private Business Actors.
    Publication date: December 2019. Euroshore, Brussels.