5th African Ports International Environment & Social Sustainability Study

Visit to Denmark Ports, 23 – 27 OCTOBER 2023

‘Innovating Actionable Green Solutions Towards Climate Neutral Ports’

PENAf’s 5th African Ports International Environmental & Social Sustainability Study Visit to the Ports of Aalborg and Aarhus in Denmark drew attention to some incisive interrogations. Well delivered content by facilitators and presenters made up of industry experts and researchers from the ports and maritime sector and objective exchange of ideas gave incisive understanding of the dynamics of the sustainability trajectory of Danish ports anchored in a port community-researchers cohesion aimed and mobilised at becoming carbon neutral by 2030 through a renewable energy transition. There was contemplation on what change would be needed to have a future where current MARPOL waste standards and practices were extended beyond ports to cover the city as well, in the pursuit of port environmental sustainability improvements. On Green Corridors, it was underscored that the discussion was not only politically and commercially driven with a narrow definition focusing on (Green) fuels used by ships, but also, Africa was missing. Sheanut export from the Northern region of Ghana through the Port of Tema to the Port of Aarhus in Denmark was used to ask why Green Corridor, which is between ports or a network of ports, cannot be defined to cover the entire chain and to include ports. Best practice lessons with potential for adaptation within Sub-Sahara Africa’s own situational context were learned and Africa can only expect that the interest and enthusiasm generated will have the opportunity to crystalize into commitment to create innovative actionable green solutions towards making African ports climate neutral as the theme for the study visit sort to facilitate. African ports cannot ignore working together to make the future by impacting society positively.

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